Why You Should Be Inspecting Before Buying Homes?

About to buy a new home? If so, have you had the property inspected already? You should definitely do an inspection of any property prior to purchase – there are many things that sellers can hide from you, and these can only mean bad for you. Here are some good reasons as to why you should not skip the inspection:

  • Identify structural weaknesses – one of the primary reasons why you should be doing pre purchase house inspections in Bacchus Marsh is to identify any potential structural weaknesses in the house. This tends to apply more to older homes, which can have weakened over time, but even newly constructed homes can be guilty of structural weaknesses if they were not built according to standards. As a result, it is important to thoroughly check the foundations, load-bearing walls, stilts (if present), retaining walls and other structures that support the house for signs of weaknesses. That can prevent you waking up one day to a loud noise and finding part of the house has somehow caved in, if anything!
  • Ascertain the safety of the house – structural soundness is not the only point that ensures the safety of a home. For example, if you are going to move into the newly-purchased property with a family (in other words, children), there are many more things to inspect than say, were you moving in with just your partner. Property inspections Melbourne can look for cracks in the wall, the safety of the staircases, faults in the flooring, the overall hygiene and sanitation of the property, and the presence of dangerous substances such as asbestos.
  • Check for faulty wiring – faulty wiring is another reason why you should be inspecting your home prior to purchase. If a specific property was left vacant for a long time, there is always the possibility of wiring being bad or damaged – perhaps rodents and other critters chewed their way through some wiring, or some circuits had melted. You do not know if the circuitry is sound without first inspecting it, and you definitely do not want to take any risks by plugging in all your appliances before checking once you move in!
  • Check for fireproofing – fireproofing is yet another important part of an inspection process. Many old properties, for example, tend to fail today’s standards of fireproofing. Other newly built homes may meet these standards, but their smoke and fire alarm systems might not be working anymore. Assessing whether everything is in working condition is extremely important as a result.