Sports Involving Animals: An Act Of Cruelty Or Consideration?

There are several forms of entertainments available online and in real life. But, there are some forms of animal sports that are been around for several eras and ages. They are source of enjoyment and distraction from the boring day to day life (unless you are serious gambler who indulges heavily in placing debts and gambling). But, there are several ethical questions in allowing the existence of such sports which serves as a source of abuse for the animals. These animals are trained extensively and their skills are honed to amuse the homo-sapiens.

Not only amusement but also a source of income

Despite the negative light shred on animal sports, it serves as a source of income for farmers with animals and other people involved in the sport. For example, there are horse syndicates, which allow other people to buy the ownership of a horse. It is necessary to ensure that you understand the terms of the buy-in. But, it helps ensure the horse is maintained and taught properly.The horse racing shares and betting (only legal in certain states) are a source of income for the government as well as the people involved in the business. If the businesses were to close down, several people who around these horses in the stables or in the field would lose their source of income. But, illegal betting is not considered in this because though they have the same reasoning, the government will not have any taxes and the government would have considered several reasons before considering something as legal or illegal. Check this link to find out more details.

What about the animals?

Most people think that if few homo-sapiens are able to find employment and profits, then they believe that the activity is acceptable. But no, that is not reason enough to accept abuse against another animal. However, it should be noted that the animals are also taken care of in these sports nowadays and there are several rules and regulations to follow in these circumstance. Moreover, it is better to legalize and control the activity rather than to turn a blind eye to the animal sports industry whereby animals might be abused.In the above mentioned, it can be seen that there is enough reason to allow and accept animal sports. Apart from the above mentioned most of these sports are considered as a part of heritage of a culture. For example, it can be seen that the bull fighting in Spain or Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu are considered as a pride and is incorporated into their festival celebrations. Therefore, it can be concluded that animal sports might serve as a boon and a curse because there are always pros and cons of a concept.